Russell Crowe, Martha Stewart Come Together in the Name of Turkey Killing

Russell Crowe, Martha Stewart Come Together in the Name of Turkey Killing


One is known for hurling a telephone at hotel employees. The other is known for hurling insults at Donald Trump and Rachael Ray.

But nothing brings people together quite like carving up a murdered turkey for Thanksgiving. After all, when was the last time you even saw Russell Crowe smile?

He’s certainly lighting up here, though. The actor and Martha Stewart are having a grand old time on the latter’s cooking show. The only thing missing from the festivities?

Eminem, of course. But Stewart hopes she can change that.

A Big Turkey


Miley Cyrus Wears Pants, Sends Positive Message

Miley Cyrus Wears Pants, Sends Positive Message


Might Miley Cyrus be maturing?!?

We don’t have our hopes up, as we’ll likely be shaking our headsover the singer’s outfittomorrow but for one night, at least, Cyrus toned down her transparent attempts to seem edgy and mature and allowed the audience to focus on both her music and an important message.

This monumental event took place at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Performing a set that included "Can’t Be Tamed" and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," Miley actually wore pants. No, really, she did. See for yourself:

Rockin Miley

The Mature MileyHouse of MileyGetting EmotionalDouble Peace SignHouse of Blues Concert


Cyrus also sang "My Heat Beats for Love" and prefaced it by saying:

"I wrote this for my gay fans. Everyone has the right to love each other and no one should feel discriminated or judged for that."

We couldn’t agree more. We’d take back every word ever written about howbig of a disappointmentMiley has become if she would focus her energy on causes and messages such as this, as opposed to looking for the skimpiest outfit she can find each night.

Below, we’ve posted videos of two performances from this concert. Watch and enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Can’t Be Tamed (Live at House of Blues)

Nicky Hilton Sues Some Guy Over "Nicky O" Trademark

Rachael Ray: Cooking Topless, Planning Burger Joints


Now You're Cookin'Good news forJennifer Love Hewitt: There will soon be a new place for you to gorge on cheeseburgers.

And based on the picture to the right the chef cooking up your favorite food may not be wearing a shirt. But topless or not,Rachael Rayhas announced her next brand extension will involve burgers.

Ray told an audience at the American Magazine Conference in Phoenix on Sunday she will open the yetuntitled "burger joint" in New York, based on 190 burger recipes she has cooked up.

"We’ll rotate them . Tuna burgers, swordfish burgers, turkey burgers," Ray said. "I like anything you can pick up with your hands portable food."

Interesting.Nicole Richiewould say the same thing, but it would be anything you can regurgitate with your stomach vomitable food.

Ray also commented on her growing rival,Martha Stewart, saying: "Her brand is about striving for perfection. Ours is … ‘eh.’"

"I’ve never felt influenced by her," Ray said. "But I wish her nothing but good, warm, wonderful success."

And she almost got it out with a straight face. Still, this feud isn’t very exciting. Who can produce the better cupcake? Wake us when it’s over. Give usHeather Millsversus the entire British journalism world instead.

Kevin Connolly Discusses Nicky Hilton, Haylie Duff Rumors

Kevin Connolly Discusses Nicky Hilton, Haylie Duff Rumors


In the new issue of Time OutNew York, Kevin Connolly who plays Eric on the HBO hit seriesEntourage dishes on what it was like to date Nicky Hilton, rumors that he’s now with Haylie Duff, and other matters.

Kevin and Nicky

Here are some excerpts:

Time Out: You directed some episodes of Unhappily Ever After. How did directing a puppet compare with directing Lukas Haas?

Kevin Connolly: "[Laughs] Lukas Haas is great. He’s a great friend. The puppet, that was weird because it was Bobcat Goldthwait and he had stolen my girlfriend [Nikki Cox]."

Time Out: Wow. How did it feel to lose a girl to Bobcat Goldthwait?

Kevin Connolly: [Sarcastic] "It felt great. Would it have been better if she’d left me forBrad Pitt? That’s what my mom said to me when all that happened. It’s an interesting point, right?"

Time Out: It’s like if someone cheats on you, would you rather it be with someone of the same sex or someone of a different sex?

Kevin Connolly
: "Would you consider Bobcat someone of a different sex? Probably."

Time Out: He’s someone of a different species. What was it like going out withNicky Hilton?

Kevin Connolly: "It was a prettynormal relationship. I mean, look, there’s a public end of it that can be annoying because people are in your business and that can be a pain in the ass, but that’s just kind of the territory."

Time Out: Are you single now?

Kevin Connolly: "Yes, I am contrary to what people may think, I really am single."

Time Out: Is Haylie Duff going with you to [the premiere of Gardener of Eden]?

Kevin Connolly: "No!Haylie Duffand I are really good friends. But I’m single."

Time Out: See, I’m doing the same thing, trying to stay single for a while. I’m afraid of blinking and waking up in a relationship I don’t want to be in.

THG NOTE: In other words, Kevin Connolly is not going to be paying tuition at theBritney SpearsSchool of Dating.

Kevin Connolly: "And it happens so quick. You turn around and all of a sudden you’re with somebody. I’m trying to just focus on the work end of it, and when that happens, it happens. The other things is, let’s face it, feelings don’t ask permission, you know, so when it happens, it happens."

Time Out: How are you like Eric and how are you not like him?

Kevin Connolly: "Eric kind of takes things in stride that I don’t know if I would take in stride. He’s a little wimpy with girls, which bothers me."

Time Out: Do you have more balls?

Kevin Connolly: "Maybe, maybe."

Time Out: You have more guts?

Kevin Connolly: "More guts. Yes, that’s a better word."

Katy vs. Kim vs. Salma A Dirndl Dressdown!

Katy vs. Kim vs. Salma: A Dirndl Dressdown!


The German festival Oktoberfest is known for its attendees busting out very large beers. But this year’s event was celebrated by a trio of women busting out their… very large busts.

Katy Perry,Kim Kardashianand Salma Hayek all donned the traditional dirndl dress at various event overseas last month, as Kim Tweeted: "I love Germany! It’s Vonderful here!"

Compare the Bavarian beauties below and then vote…


Who wore her dress best?

Katy Perry
Kim Kardashian
Salma Hayek

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Tami Farrell on Gay Marriage Yes and No!

Tami Farrell on Gay Marriage: Yes and No!


When immature, selfserving moron Carrie Prejean was finallyfired as Miss California USAfor violating her contract last week, next in line was Tami Farrell.

Now that Farrell has been crowned, she too has been asked about her views on thehot topicof gay marriage, which Prejean says cost her the Miss USA title.

Prejean famously denounced gay marriage during the finals and became embroiled in a whirlwind of controversy (over that and her topless photos) thereafter.

Now it’s her replacement in the hot seat, like it or not, andTami Farrelltold Fox News that she believes that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

However, she gracefully qualified that statement as such:

Miss California 2.0

Tami Farrell says she wants to unify, not divide California.

"I don’t think that I have the right or anybody has a right to tell somebody who they can or can’t love," she said. "And I think that this is a civil rights issue. And I think that the right thing to do is let the voters decide."

Wow. An intelligent, nonpreachy and honest response, and no comments aboutSatan tempting herwith such evil questions either. Way to go, Tami!

Farrell added that she thinks it’s silly that people turn to beauty queens for an opinion on the subject. This is definitely true, however, Tami also says she understands that when she became Miss California, she got a crown and a microphone.

Click to enlarge more Tami Farrell pictures

Tami PicTami Farrell: Miss CaliforniaPossible Miss CaliforniaBeautiful Beauty QueenFarrell, TamiNew Miss CaliforniaPageant PoseA Beauty QueenMiss Teen USATami Farrell Photo

Out of the Blue A Simon Monjack Sighting!

Jenny McCarthy Splits with Paul Krepelka

It wasa blind datethat led to a relationship, and has now resulted in a breakup.

Sources confirm toLife & Stylethat Jenny McCarthy has called it quits with sports agent Paul Krepelka, as the "longdistance thing proved too much for them."

"He didn’t want to move to LA, and she certainly can’t move to Boston," a source says "They’re still friends; they just couldn’t make it work."

Jenny Mac

McCarthy ended a fiveyear relationship with Jim Carrey in April 2010. As part of herNew Year’s Rockin Evecohosting duties, she was then seen kissing Krepelka at midnight on January 1,

But Jenny is now single, joining thenewlyseparatedOlivia Wilde on the open market. They might be the most sought after free agents since Cliff Lee.

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